A Tribute to a Redneck Riviera Landmark: The Flora-Bama

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If you haven’t been to Alabama lately – and I’m betting you haven’t, it isn’t exactly on the list of dream vacations – then you haven’t had the experience of visiting The Flora-Bama. It’s probably considered the best oyster/beach bar and roadhouse east of the Mississippi. Although I can’t vouch for the quality of the […]

Creating Designs with Textures and Swirls

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For those who think Twitter is for the birds (no pun intended…well, maybe) I came across a great blog in a recent tweet that gave a step-by-step tutorial on how to create swirls and flourishes in Adobe Illustrator. I learned more about Illustrator’s capabilities in one exercise than I had in several years of using […]

Fall Colors – Flagstaff, Arizona

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We spent a day up in Flagstaff over the weekend – John wanted to fish, I wanted to get some photos of the fall colors. It was really windy but a pretty day. I dropped John at Lake Mary south of town and I went to Hart Prairie, which is located at the base of […]