Designers and Their Other Creative Side

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You might think it odd that professional designers who ooze creativity all day long would need another creative outlet. I’m here to tell you “we do”. After using up one set of creative juices in our profession, it’s nice to focus your creative energy in a different direction. I’ve spent the better part of the last ten years exploring other creative outlets. I love paper. I have drawers and drawers full of handmade papers. I’ve used them to make journals, photo frames and notebooks. In fact through the years I’ve created greeting cards, wedding invitations, drink coasters, wall art, ceramics, decorative pillows, t-shirts, sachets… are you getting the picture? I set out to find other designers who stepped outside their daily design life to create something different. Whether you are a graphic, web, industrial, fashion, or even hair designer, if you have the desire and passion to create something else, here’s a little inspiration.

These and many other talented artists can be found on

Brazan Design


Bentley Company

Me Art Design

Pilot Design

Clay Coyote

Jessica Doyle



Tracy Ann Digital Art


ikabags (ok, she was an economics major but these are good)


And here’s a few of my own creations…

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