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I think designing and producing an annual report is a little like having a baby. I found out I was expecting last April and she was finally delivered on December 21, 2009 at 4:00 pm. Let me introduce you to The Mary Lou Fulton Institute and Graduate School of Education 2008-2009 Annual Report. I know, the name is kind of long but I’m going to call her Mary Lou for short. Weighing in at 56 pages she was quite large for an annual – 9” x 12” to be exact. It was a long labor that lasted almost five months but I refused any drugs, I wanted to do it naturally. It was a joyous occasion when she finally came into the world. I’ll give you some particulars on her:


Skin tone: Exterior is Gilbert Oxford 80# Smoked Cover; Interior is Endeavour 100# Velvet Book

Coloring: Champagne metallic ink with black, yellow, maroon and white foil stamping outside, plus four color process and one Pantone ink inside

Identifying features: Perfectly bound with a slight hinge score – and she came in a matching jacket!


Like any proud parent I’ve taken lots of pictures. And as all new moms would probably say “I don’t want to go through this again anytime soon.” Well, not until next year anyway.





  1. DD
    January 23, 2010

    Hey Martha,
    It’s DD, the writer. The piece turned out great. I’m going to have to hit Joan up for some hard copies!

  2. Martha
    January 25, 2010

    Hay thanks, I was thrilled with the final product.

  3. Beth
    January 26, 2010

    This is the most amazing annual report I have seen or printed in years! Kudos on the great design job. The word on the marketing street is if you are going to do an important piece in these tough times it must stand apart from the slick crowd of cheesy stuff with style, grace, and intelligence. This is sure to get noticed, read and acted on. No online link can compete with the confidence and authority holding this book inspires. You nailed it here! This baby came out genius 🙂 LOL
    Beth Meier

  4. Jason
    January 26, 2010

    really, really nice work… so great to see new print pieces being born with such a high level of quality… congrats Martha!

  5. Martha
    January 26, 2010

    Beth you’re making me blush…thanks for your wonderful words!


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