You think it’s hard naming your children, try naming your blog.

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It can be a painstaking process to come up with a name for your blog. Everyone tells you to make sure you can register it as a domain name because you never know what the future holds and you don’t want someone else taking your name. I spent hours searching for clever domain names only to find they were already taken. I think someone went through the dictionary, registered virtually every word in the english language, and is now holding them hostage. Oh, I could purchase one of my choices for the low, low price of $2495.00. FYI: If you haven’t registered your business name yet you don’t stand a chance in hell of getting a .com anything. Unless, of course, you’re willing to take a url like

I came up with some fun plays on words–they were taken. I searched for words that were slightly misspelled but the pronunciation was the same–taken. As I grew more frustrated in my search, I started typing completely nonsensical words (would you believe that “babbledom” and “gabberish” are actually registered domains?) I was sitting in front of my computer in utter disbelief that I couldn’t find one name I liked that wasn’t already taken. This was a conspiracy. Without a name to call my own I retreated from my office, poured a glass of wine and began ranting to my husband about how unfair it all was.

So I started to really think, “What was this blog going to be about?” My interests are varied: graphic design, golf, photography, arts, technology, travel, current affairs, the outdoors… I didn’t think I could focus on just one thing, which was making it all the more difficult to give it a title. I’ve always liked my given name. It’s old fashioned but I think of it as unique. Most of the Marthas out there are in their 80’s and probably not in to blogging, so I didn’t think there would be stiff competition for the name. But Martha’s… what? After a couple of drinks I experienced a moment of clarity. Since I wanted to share my thoughts, my experiences, my opinions, this would be my own little world (that and the fact that I was pissed off that every domain name I wanted was taken) it came to me; Martha’s Domain.

It’s simple. It’s straightforward. Not too cutesy or trying too hard. It’s a great play on words, don’t you think? Well I don’t really care what you think, it’s mine and I’m sticking to it–for now.

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  1. Barbara
    September 19, 2009

    Funny! I had no idea so many names were already reserved. Glad I got my Movie And thanks for putting a link to our website on your blog. I plan to become a follower! Good Job!


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